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I'm a 2 year old bald yellow cheeked latino cockatiel !  I love my daddy!!  You could even call me daddy's girl!  I will sit on his shoulder forever if he'd let me.  I also love to sleep under his chin when he takes naps during the day.  My mommy and her mommy bought me for John because we lost his favorite pet a little white faced tiel named Eeyore due to Cancer. A year ago I got a new friend named Stormy,  at first I wasn't too sure about him but he sings to me all the time and now I'm letting him cuddle with me.  It's nice to have someone to share my cage with.  I'm not too sure about those new babies yet...I just keep my distance.  I've grown into a large beautiful Tiel, the largest the Barton family has ever encountered!  And my feathers are so lemon yellow they almost look white!

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