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Smudge is our Oldest kitty, he's 3.

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Hi, I'm Smudge!  This is my story.


I grew up at a kitty rescue.  My brothers and sisters and I were dropped off there at night in a crate.  Most kittens in rescue go fast!  Not me. Why?


When I was a baby nobody wanted me because I had RingWorm. 

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RingWorm on feet


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RingWorm on face

My fur was missing and what little fur I had left had turned yellow, gray and grungy.  I also was covered in sores.  The rescue loved me though and they worked hard to get me better.  They took me to the vet and I got lots of stinky baths and yucky medicine.  I started to feel alot better.

One day I was let upstairs to the first floor of the rescue and they let me play with the other cats.  I was still missing hair and was yellow but my sores were all gone. 

A few days later a lady and her mommy came to see me.  They said they wanted to take me home, but it was too early.  I stayed another week and then the lady came back and picked me up.  They gave me more baths and lots of good food and the doggies gave me lots of kisses and eventually I grew into a beautiful cat!  I'm glad they saw past my ugliness and loved me anyway!  Arn't I a beautiful cat?

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Smudge and Nougat


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He loves to play!


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