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    Hi, I'm Sassy Cat!  I was taken in by the Barton Family Vet.  They came in to get shots for their dogs one day and Tara asked them to take me home and they did!  I Love my family!  I'm a nice calm cat who likes to come out when its quiet and take turns sitting on everyone's lap 'making bisquits'.  I love Marble the best and always rub up against him and he gives me gentle kisses.   

    I've used up some of my lives though because I keep trying to get out of the house. One time I broke out of the side panel of an AC unit and was gone for 3 weeks!!  A younger cat in the family who had never been outside before followed me, he is still missing.  I came back less than half of my weight and had sores on my feet (presumably from digging) but I wasn't dirty.  The vet suggested that I may have been caught in someones garage after they left for vacation and got free when they came back? 

Whatever happened I was sure happy to be back !!  For a whole year I didn't try to break out of the house again...but recently I've become curious again and they have to make sure I am not around when a door is opened, I've tryed twice to escape through a screen window but was caught once by my back legs and once by just my tail !!   They sure are determined not to loose me again, which is why they said they got me microchipped.   They always say "What are we going to do with you Ms Sassy Cat !!?"  Don't they understand I was born outside ? ... that call is sometimes just too great to ignore.


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