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Hi ! I'm Miss Ruby !  I was rescued from New York, my previous family had a baby and didn't want me anymore.  I was full of pin feathers when they picked me up and I looked all scruffy but you'd never know now...arn't I beautiful !!  I love going everywhere with my family I even where a harness and leash.  I love to talk and say hello and squeek real cute like a dove. I also love to sit on mommy's shoulder and preen the kitty's fur.  I also like to sit on the doggies and preen their fur too!  I love chasing that funny cat toy!  I'm such a good girl cause I never bite even if you roll me on my back and bounce me up in the air on your hand I'll stay upside down until you turn me back over.  "Heelloooo, I'm Ruuuuby"