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Our Vermont Trip



trip.JPG (37541 bytes)

Camping?  In this weather?  are we crazy ??  It was a very rainy foggy trip.  In this photo you can't even see the hills due to the fog!

webtriptwo (24186 bytes)

Just what did we get ourselves into ... certainly we should have stayed home, should we turn back and change our minds?  Did we make a mistake by deciding to continue with this vacation!?

webtripthree (34568 bytes)

Looks like someone may be enjoying it even though its raining?

webtripfour (28827 bytes)

Yes I would say Nougat is very happy with the trip so far !

webtripfive (35414 bytes)

This is we are starting to enjoy ourselves.  What a pretty little Vermont town!

webtripsix (23637 bytes)

This is even better, the rain is starting to clear a bit...and we are seeing nice hills !

webtripseven (38764 bytes)

Wow, what a beautiful yard they must have!  Wouldn't it be nice to live in a house like that!  .... right across from this house we see...

webtripeight (46377 bytes)

Ahh, what a neat little covered bridge that leads right to their driveway ...and what is that we see? a trail?

webtripten (52822 bytes)

Yes, a nice trail leading right down under the bridge.  Lets see what we find.

webtripeleven (66195 bytes)

What beautiful flora !

webtripnine (61656 bytes)

Some Honeysuckle

webtriptwelve (67440 bytes)

Wow, look at those two flowers!  Oh!! thats Nougat and Marble!

webtripthirteen (64696 bytes)

"Mom ! Dad ! We LOVE Vermont !!"

webtripfourteen (53839 bytes)

We decided to let Nougat go swimming, such pretty water you can see all the way to the bottom!

webtripfifteen (59355 bytes)

"Come on in guys !!  The water's great!"

EMERALD_PAIR.jpg (83379 bytes)

I think this was her favorite part of the trip !

firstbridge.jpg (92365 bytes)

Some pictures before we continued with our trip...


firstbridgeagain.jpg (74136 bytes)

It's a shame we don't have covered bridges in NJ, So Pretty!  Can you see Nougat under the bridge?


2.jpg (58407 bytes)

More driving through beautiful Vermont!


bridgeview.jpg (88664 bytes)

We came upon a very pretty river, but what was even prettier was...


secondbridge.jpg (79247 bytes)The next bridge !!  WOW!  So Pretty !

insidebridge.jpg (63811 bytes)Inside the bridge.

secondbridgeagain.jpg (86989 bytes)

Some wild Honeysuckle

smallbridge.jpg (61660 bytes)

A few more pretty bridges along the way...

sugarroad.jpg (72323 bytes)

The Road to Sugarbush Farms...

cow.jpg (65348 bytes)

where we saw some cows...

viewagain.jpg (46327 bytes)

and some beautiful views !!...

view.jpg (57585 bytes)

wouldn't that make a lovely back yard !!

cooochie.jpg (63375 bytes)

We took a wrong turn and ended up with a BIG surprise !!

cochie.jpg (64094 bytes)

Quechee Gorge


gorge.jpg (75873 bytes)

We wouldn't have known it existed, isn't it great when getting lost turns out so nice !!  This gorge has a large bridge going across that used to be for a train.  The view is unbelievable !!

viewbridge.jpg (81869 bytes)

We could see forever !

viewgorge.jpg (169818 bytes)

View from the center of the bridge

viewgorgeagain.jpg (88890 bytes)

Straight down !

nougatview.jpg (76818 bytes)

Nougat Taking in the View


nougatviewagain.jpg (55042 bytes)


Wow ! what a view !!

marbleview.jpg (66912 bytes)

Marble's Turn

marbleviewagain.jpg (71442 bytes)

That face says it all  !  "WOW mom look at that!!"

foliage.jpg (88813 bytes)

Some more beautiful foliage


foliageagain.jpg (82800 bytes)

Some very pretty wild flowers


treesviewgorgeagain.jpg (165058 bytes)

Pretty trees


treeviewgorge.jpg (98614 bytes)

More Pretty trees

backontheroadagain.jpg (41964 bytes)

On the road again

tiredpups.jpg (67325 bytes)

Its been a wonderfull vacation but its time to head home.

The dogs look like they had a good time.


tired.jpg (69408 bytes)

They slept the whole way home.


tirednougat.jpg (64556 bytes)

Nothing better than a sleeping happy dog !