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Nougat is the oldest member of our pet family.  She is 3 1/2.  She will share her story....


Nougat's Story

Hi I'm Nougat! I'm 3 years old in that picture!  I love my mommy and daddy!   I'm a spoiled happy doggie!  I would like to tell you my story. 

When I was born my mommy must have really loved  blinkyheart.gif (652 bytes)  me !

.... but her owners did not. 

I didn't understand what was going on when they grabbed me from her and stuffed me into a burlap sack with the other pups in my litter. It was hot and dark and very itchy.  We cryed and whined but our mommy couldn't do anything about it.  We didn't know why we started rolling around and bumping all over, even though we recognized the sound of the pickups engine we hadn't been on the bed before as it was moving and bumping along.  All of a sudden the bumping and rolling stopped.  It hurt when we landed on the ground in the sack where our 'owner' tossed us.  

Oh how I itched from the fleas and ticks and that rough material we were shoved into!   I was very scared and confused and my tummy was growling, it didn't help that the worms had already sapped so much strength from my little body.  All of a sudden we felt wet and the heat turned to cold as we huddled closer together to try and keep warm.  We heard the sound of the truck start up again....and we started shivering thinking of the rough bumpy ride we just went through. 

We waited and waited but the noise got softer and then we didn't hear it anymore.    

And there we sat...

on the shore of the creek half in the water in a burlap sack.

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I don't know how long we sat...

it felt like forever after all we were only 41/2 week old little puppies!  Then out of no where we heard a voice, we were so thrilled to hear something out of the darkness we cryed and cryed and wiggled and called "Help us Help us!!!!" as best as we knew how.  It must have worked because the sack opened...

and as our eyes adjusted to the light we saw her, our savior!  She cuddled us close and wiped us dry it felt so good and warm!  Then she brought us to this big place with alot of other dogs around.

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These people were nice we liked them alot!  They gave us lots of warm food and clean water. They cleaned us up and got rid of the worms and the ticks and fleas.   They fixed our coughs and runny noses.  Then I felt a funny feeling as I fell asleep on a large silver table.

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When I woke up my belly ached but they helped me feel better with the warm towels and cuddles.  After a few days we were moved into a cage together all my brothers and sisters...and people came and looked at us. They picked us up and talked to us and I showered these people with kisses!! I was so happy!  I was dry and clean and full and my tummy ache went away. 

I was so happy to be alive and safe and away from the creek and out of that sack.   Then this one person came by as I was asleep.  I woke up cuddled under her chin and looked up into her eyes and kissed her face all over.  I was trying to say "Good morning!! Hi I'm Nougat! Isn't it great to be alive!!"  I really like this person because she talked sweetly to me and gave me kisses and rocked me like a baby.   Then she put me back in the cage and I was sad!  I tryed to call to her "wait come back!!"  and she did!!  She came back with another person, a man with a furry face like mine.  I loved to kiss his whiskers!! She snatched me back up out of that cage and that was the last time I saw my other brothers and sisters.   But I didn't mind too much because I loved all the individual hugs and kisses!   I wished they would never put me down!  Oh how I loved to be alive!!   They held me as they talked to another person and handed over some green paper.  

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Then off we first ride in a car without being in the dark!  I loved it!!   Then they took me to this place called PetSmart...I got toys and they dressed me up with my very own collar just like I remember my mommy had.  I missed my mommy ... but these new people called themselves mommy and daddy.  That was the best day of my life!!  Here are some pictures they took of me when they brought me home!


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Nougat the day we brought her home


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Nougat 2nd day home, loves to hear her name!


Then mommy and daddy moved to NJ to get away from Tornado country !  tornado.gif (28627 bytes)

I'd never seen the ocean before and I love it here!  and I like not having to be afraid of storms and lightning anymore!

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Nougat was a very active pup! She loved everyone she met!  Including other animals.  Here are some more pictures of Nougat...


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Nougat and Mommy


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Lazy Nougat


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Nougat with her toy piggy


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Nougat Tugging with Daddy


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Nougat guarding on the front porch