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Marble is the second oldest in our pet family.  He will tell his story....

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Hi, I'm Marble! I'm 3 but I'm the baby of the family!!  This is my story!

I don't remember much about that day.  Just I was sleeping comfortable next to my mom when her 'owners' picked me up and put me in the car.  It was bumpy but warm ...I fell asleep.   All of a sudden I heard the car door open and I was thrown out into the cold fall air. This is all I saw.

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I didn't know what had happened...I looked around and didn't see anybody.   So I cried ... and sat...

...and cried

...and sat....

what was I to do?  A little 9 week old pup out in the middle of no where....all by myself. 

I got thirsty, so I took a drink...then I just started walking.

I walked and walked...a very long time.  I got thirsty again so I walked off the road to the creek on the side to get a drink again, just then I heard a noise!  A CAR!!! I turned and looked.

They must have seen me because the car stopped, but it wasn't my mom's 'owner'.  I got scared...but then a little girl jumped out and picked me up! She was nice...and so was her mommy but when they got home her dad said 'NO DOGS!'   Her mom felt bad for me so she called a rescue place for puppies and arranged to have me adopted to a nice family.  The little girl was sad but told me she would take good care of me until someone saw my picture on

I stayed out in their barn ...and played with the barn kitties and they fed me good food. I was very itchy but happy and warm.

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A few days later  the little girl came out to the barn and she was crying.  I tried to dry her tears by licking her cheek but it didn't work....she carried me to their van, I was tired so I fell asleep.  I heard the door open and I got scared but I wasn't thrown out. They brought me into this place called petsmart.   As soon as she carried me in this real nice lady ran up to her and the little girl handed me over to her after kissing my head.  I liked this lady alot!! She gave me kisses and petted me and talked to me until I fell asleep again.

Next thing I knew I woke up in this new ladies car on her lap.  She told me my name was Marble with a very sweet happy voice and told me I was a good good boy.  I liked that name!!   She said she was my new mommy!  She brought me home and she gave me a bath!  I didn't like it too much but it made the itchies go away ... mommy called them mean bad fleas.  Then she took this picture of me!

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Baby Marble 1st day home

Then I got to meet my new big sister Nougat!! That was the happiest day of my life!!!


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Marble and Nougat friends from the first moment!

Here are some more pictures of me!


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Baby Marble playing with Nougat


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Best Friends


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All grown up!


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Handsome Marble


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Happy Marble